Affiliate Your Futsal Team - Important

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In order to play in the Leicestershire Youth Futsal League your team must be affiliated to the Leicestershire County FA. You should do this using the Whole Game System at the same time as your are registering any other football and futsal teams in your club. This is normallly done by your club Secretary. If you are registering more than one team in the Leicestershire Youth Futsal League you will need to affiliate each team. If you are also registering in a higher age group using 'futsal extra' this also needs registering as an additional team.  If you have any queries we recommend speaking to your club Secretary who should be familiar with the Whole Game System and FA affiliation.

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Out of Area Teams

The Leicestershire Youth Futsal League do accept teams from outside of Leicestershire. If you currently play in another county and wish to play in the Leicesteshire Youth Futsal League contact